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Chris Beringer and William Shatner on "Moving America Forward"



One Family Business at a Time

Welcome to our semi-annual newsletter!

Earlier this year, we had the good fortune to attract the attention of William Shatner and his team at 'Moving America Forward,' a program which interviews unique entrepreneurs who are positively impacting the American business climate.

The interview we provided Mr. Shatner and his team gave us an exciting opportunity to shine some light on some lesser known parts of our work, and to show how what we do is helping some of America's greatest families 'Move America Forward.'

It also gave us a chance to drive home an important point: the biggest difference between families who successfully transition their businesses into something that provides for family members, employees and the community for generations to come, and families who don't - is planning.

We hope this newsletter adds some powerful tools to your own planning arsenal, and keeps you moving forward towards your own goals and dreams.

Highlights include an article by the Envestnet team which shows how the Beringer Group is pioneering new data technologies to provide clients extremely accurate snapshots of their wealth holdings, a practical piece by Lynn Leonard about how to prepare those who carry on our affairs when we are no longer able to, and an inspiring article about Phil Stein, a seasoned entrepreneur who in his own unique way has been 'Moving America Forward' for more than 80 years.  

Thanks once again for giving us the opportunity to be of service to such an amazing and inspiring group of people.






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